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Blue Persimmons  -Fukushima after the nuclear disaster-





This project shows the destroyed, divided living and land of Fukushima, and captures the damage of radiation with the society that tolerates it.

On 2011, Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power plant exploded and scattered the radioactive material around this land. I have recorded the landscape to visualize the loss of the hometown and the damage caused by the invisible radiation.

Three years after the disaster, I moved to Fukushima. By having been photographing Fukushima as one of the local inhabitants, I became aware of the absurdity existing here. the boundary line was drawn both physically and mentally and 'Segmentation’ began. The border was run over the area forced to evacuate and the area which is not so by a certain distance from the Nuclear Plant. It is a big difference whether to evacuate or not by the border line. Due to the difference in position, friends of former times have changed to people who do not care. When I cross the line from a place where no one lives at all, there are people’s activities that seemingly does not change. That was odd, and even in the minds of those who seem to live a normal life, damage in segmentation was engraved.

The segmentation of lands, of people, of between land and people. In the seven years since the accident, the boundary line was redressed by radiation dose. However, the border drawn among people does not return to the original. Still, people live on their lost homeland.

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