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One last hug   

More than 2500 people have been missing, though 4 and a half years has passed since the huge Tsunami and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident.
Masaru Naganuma lost his 7 years old son, Koto, in Ishinomaki city, Miyagi.
Takayuki Ueno lost his 3 years old son, Kotaro, in Minamisoma city, Fukushima.
Norio Kimura lost 6 years old daughter, Yuna, in Okuma Town, Fukushima.
Their children still have been missing for Tsunami. And even now, these three fathers are searching for them by themselves.
But, especially in Okuma town, Kimura has difficulty to go in his town for searching, because they still have been forbidden to enter for the high dose of  the radiation. 
Their only wish is finding and hugging their children just one more time.

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