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One year after the Pakistan Earthquake

There was the big earthquake around the Kashmir district in Pakistan and India, October 2005. 1 year has passed from this earthquake took the lives of about 73,000 people and houses of 3.5 million people, but the situation didn't change much and hard winter was coming soon again.

In Chatter Kalas 10 km south from Muzaffarabad, there was a refugee camp 400 tents were built, Annan Bibi, 8, stopped cooking and muttered "I want to go back to my village and see my mother, but...". Her mother was seriously injured in the earthquake and had been still in a hospital, and her father had been mentally ill, so she did housework and cooking for her father and 2 brother. Her village was utterly destroyed.

In Muzaffarabad, 1,000 m above, Sadar Khan, 40, coming to the distribution place to get blankets for winter, grieved "It's terribly cold at night. I cannot rebuild a house, the future is not in sight". He lost 4 of the family, and lived in a tent with 4 children. He worked at a construction site but earn only 200 rupees (4 dollars) per day.

400 thousand people still didn't have their house. In last winter, so many victims dead from cold and snowslide, their severe trial were still going on.











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