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The PHOTO JOURNAL was created to make aware the issues surrounding us through photo journalism. At the moment, photo journalism is facing many challenges. One of the reasons behind its decline is that the traditional business model which relied on advertising and sales revenue has become unprofitable. It is evident that goals of journalism get diverted when commercial success becomes the main objective, and I concluded that a medium that did not depend on profitability, did not lay open to external influence or pressure, did not take sides, and just relayed the facts was necessary. 

 An important role of journalism is to get people aware of the issues taking place around us. I hope to have as many readers as possible by making this site free. But the site's existence would become difficult without being able to cover reporting and maintenance costs. Therefore, I am asking for readers' donations and inviting sponsors willing to support The Photo Journal. I am also looking for volunteers who can help maintain the site. Considering the reasons for starting this site, I must note that contributions will not enable donors to influence the content of any article. Of course, your opinions and story suggestions are more than welcome. 

 Reporting for The PHOTO JOURNAL is done solely by photo journalist Yuki Iwanami. Stories will be released from varying events taking place around the world consistently through the eyes of a single person. 

 As already stated, my wish is to reach as large an audience as possible. Please share this site through social media and blogs. The PHOTO JOURNAL has just kicked off and will be modified through trial and error. Your opinions and suggestions are welcome.

Photo journalist,  Yuki Iwanami

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